It all started with a sudden idea, and then with a name that we chose very carefully because we knew it could matter too. This is how the De Vida brand was named, which in Spanish means “life”, that is, everything is connected with life itself, and as a result of our work, people's lives change.

Whether it's a change to a new job, a home renovation, a fresh interior design, or less headaches and bureaucracy when applying for your next building permit.


  • Interior design consultations and projects,
  • Architectural consulting and construction projects,
  • Consulting on building permits,
    We help to issue construction and use permits,
  • We enter the existing construction object into the construction register,
  • Legalization of unauthorized buildings,
  • Pre-sale inspection,
  • Consulting.




My journey into the world of architecture began in 2013, when I graduated from university with a degree in interior design. In 2015, I started working for an Estonian architectural bureau.

Then my life took me to the Tallinn City Planning Board in the field of architecture and construction, where I worked in the building administration, and later I was an architect in the detailed plans service.

While working there, I got the idea to start my own business in the world of architecture and to do it differently than in other offices. So, I founded Devida.

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I studied Interior Design and Entrepreneurship at the Estonian School of Entrepreneurship Minor and currently I have a Master's degree in Architecture from Tallinn University of Technology.
Since 2015 I have been working in various architectural firms. I have been involved in the design of detached houses, semi-detached houses and row houses from sketch to main project and from building permit to use permit. He also worked in office and warehouse buildings, various renovations and legalization. For me, the architecture of the interior is also very important, so that a person is comfortable in the room and arranges furniture, so I immediately think about interior solutions.

I like this job because the specialty is varied - from private houses to entire towns. In addition, each project is a separate task, where it never gets boring. After all, it's still a pleasure to look at clients with clear eyes when a collaboration has created something exciting, someone's new home or job.

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I graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in 2018 with a degree in applied architecture and believe that architecture can improve the human environment. Architecture reflects changes in life and history.

In 2018 she graduated from the University of Applied Sciences TTK in the direction of applied architecture. I believe that architecture can improve the life situation in society, as it reflects the world around and the changes brought by history.

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I graduated from EAA with a master's degree, I have worked in architecture since 2001, worked with several architects.

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Our team is made up of people who love design and architecture who are architects, interior architects and construction and use consultants.

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